Sunday, December 14, 2008

My first working post on my first brand new Mac. I wanted this blog to be kind of a place to post inspiration and my thoughts about the creative process.

I will start with some images by Kathe Kollwitz, the great German Expressionist (1867-1945).

Woman with Dead Child, 1903.

Call of Death, 1934.

Battlefield, 1907.

Death Seizing a Woman, 1934.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008


razzmatazz [raz-muh-taz]: noun, slang. Origin- 1894, Americanism. Perhaps a varied reduplication of jazz. The word had early associations with that kind of music (later esp. in contrast to swing).

1. A flashy action or display intended to bewilder, confuse, or deceive.
2. Ambiguous or evasive language; double talk.
3. Ebullient energy; vim.
4. A Crayola crayon color released in 1993.
[Perhaps alteration of razzle-dazzle.]